Cyxus Blue Light Glasses

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Cyxus Blue Light Glasses


Protect your eyes from harmful blue light with Cyxus Blue Light Glasses. Designed for both men and women, these transparent frames are both stylish and functional. Say goodbye to eye strain and fatigue while working on your computer or looking at screens - these glasses block blue light and provide optimal eye protection.




 The blue light-blocking glasses come with durable flexible spring hinges, all the details ensuring you a durability and comfortable long-term wearing
Its lightweight material can reduce the burden on your bridge of the nose.
Say goodbye to the headaches and eye-strain driving you crazy with our computer glasses.
A wonderful and sweet gift for yourself, families and friends.
Prolonged and repeated exposure to blue light can have a number of ill-effects on our bodies,from headaches and eye strain to straight-up insomnia.



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