Unisex Platform Slides


A quirky new slide for the summer

If you like being different, then Sunnyslips are for you. With their unique vivid style, you’ll stand out and look different from the crowd in a colors and quirky new way! 

Cute and trendy, you’ll feel like your feet are wrapped up in bubble gum. Expressing your wacky personality, Sunnyslips are a great eye-catching pair to wear around the house!

Sunnyslips never go out of style, comfy from all angles, they are the perfect flip flops for your summer activities. Once you slip inside you’ll never want to take them off!

Why Sunnyslips are for you

Never out of fashion- The vivid colors and quirky looks make Sunnyslips trendy all year long, helping you stand out in a wacky new way!

Match your personality- If you love looking different from the flock then you need a pair that matches your interesting personality!

Comfort with style- The unique design makes for the comfiest base you’ve ever stepped on, you won’t find a cooler pair for the summer!

Sunnyslips are the ultimate choice- In Sunnyslips you’ll find a pair you’ll never get tired of wearing and showing around!


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