Trio Max Portable Monitor

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Trio Max Portable Monitor

The Laptop Extender

TRIO Max is an easy-to-use laptop screen extender with a design that simply magnetizes to the back of any laptop as a solution for working professionals, gamers, stock traders, entrepreneurs, coders, and students just like you - always on the go.



  • 12.5" | 14.1" FHD or 1080P Display

A laptop monitor extender that perfectly fits your laptop with two different size options

  • Multi-Device Compatibility

A portable monitor for laptops, Nintendo Switch, and Samsung DeX-supported devices

  • Triple Screen Mode

Clip two TRIOs/ TRIO MAXs to experience the laptop monitor's tri-screen mode

  • Auto-Rotation Display

Featured with G-sensor for auto-rotation on your extra screen for laptop devices


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