The Metal Cutter


The Metal Cutter




Metal cutter tool has a faster cutting speed than other sheet metal cutting tools, powerful than ordinary scissors and knives. Metal cutter attachment quickly transforms your drill into an electric shear that fits perfectly on the chuck of your drill. with an adapter handle, adapt to a variety of different electric drills. The metal nibbler drill attachment board cutting machine is suitable for cutting flat sheet metal less than 1mm. Do not cut with angular, special shapes, welding sheet metal, and non-metallic materials. If it is stuck, set the drill bit to reverse to automatically exit.



  • Ordinary: Suitable for 12V, 21V lithium electric drill.
  • Upgrade: Suitable for most electric drills such as lithium electric drills, impact drills, pistol drills, etc.
  • (The shearing ability of the 12V electric drill is slightly worse, and the shearing ability of the 21V electric drill is stronger.)
  • Maximum shear capacity:
  • Iron plate 0.3-1mm
  • Tin sheet 0.3-1.2 mm
  • Steel plate 0.8-1mm
  • Copperplate 1.5mm
  • Aluminum plate 1.5mm
  • Mintiml® Electric Drill Plate Cutter
  • Use With Confidence, Save Energy, Increase Efficiency,
  • Great For Cutting a Variety Of Materials.



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