Harmony Steel Drum


Harmony Steel Drum

"Tune Steel Tongue Drum Percussion Musical Instrument" 


The sound seems like a clear spring, washing dust away from my soul. ??The Best Gift For Parents. friends, Children Steel Tongue Drum is a musical sculpture that combines the essence of Chinese thousand years of philosophy, religion, culture, art, music, and national studies. It combines modern technology, sound theory, and innovative design. It is a work of art, a musical instrument, and even of your mind mate.


Main Features:

The water-based paint surface, is nuisance-free and wear-resistant and does not fade  Shaped like pebbles and has ethereal sounds. It is Hand-built, and artificially tuned, and the tone is accurate and sounds Great for personal meditation, yoga practice, music therapy, performances, religious activities, etc. 


1. Mini drum, easy to play, just tap on your tongue, especially suitable for children.
2. Use the C key (G tone) to play some simple songs with 6 tones, very suitable for beginners.

3. Made of steel peptide alloy material, exquisite corrosion resistance.
4. The surface is painted. With the drum bag, you can take it anywhere.
5. Can be used as a tool for yoga and meditation.



1 X 6 Inch Steel Tongue Drum
2 X Drumsticks
1 X Tutorial
6 X Finger Cradles
1 X Scale Sticker
1 X Drum Bag

1 X Drumstick Holder


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