Glow Tube Clock

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Glow Tube Clock


Enhance your home decor with the Glow Tube Clock. This DIY clock kit features full-color RGB glow tubes, adding a unique touch to any room. With the DS3231 electronic desktop clock, you can enjoy accurate timekeeping. Plus, the LED music spectrum function provides a fun and visually appealing way to display music. Perfect for a gift or for adding personality to your space.


Upgrade your home decor with the DIY Full-Color RGB Glow Tube Clock. This electronic desktop clock kit not only displays accurate time through its DS3231 chip, but also features a mesmerizing LED music spectrum function. A perfect gift for any tech-savvy individual, this clock adds a touch of color and fun to your daily routine.

Add a touch of luxury to your home with the Glow Tube Clock. With its DIY design, full-color RGB glow tube, and LED music spectrum function, this electronic desktop clock doubles as a stylish home decoration and a unique gift. Featuring the accurate DS3231 chip, this precision clock is a sophisticated addition to any space.

Transform your space with the Glow Tube Clock! Assemble your own colorful and unique clock that doubles as a music visualizer. With high precision and sleek design, it's perfect as a home decoration or gift. Make every moment glow with this DIY clock kit.

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