Solar Powered Insect Lamp Light


Take care of all your mosquito problems

Opening the windows in the summer attracts all manners of nasty little critters. You don’t have to endure their presence anymore, Buzzmaster can get rid of them overnight!

You can easily kill all the buzzing intruders, just put Buzzmaster in the center of the room and watch how its irresistible light lures and kills the insects one by one. It’s simple, efficient and harmless for humans!

You can easily carry it to the villa and relax in its presence. Enjoy a summer free of mosquitoes and the like, keep your home protected from the buzzing intrudes who dare enter!

Why Buzzmaster is for you

Eradicate the intruders- Free your home from the blood-sucking pests, turn on Buzzmaster to eradicate all the intruders overnight!

Itch-free living- Enjoy the relaxing days and quiet nights at home without having to endure the annoying buzzing or irritating itching ever again!

Stop the buzzing- Don’t turn your home into a prison, keep the windows open in the summer without fearing what might come in!

Buzzmaster is the ultimate choice- Forget about the nets and sprays, easily keep your home free of mosquitoes and any pests that fly through the windows!


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