Steel Wire Grass Trimmer

Save 40%

Transform your weed wacker to a beast that slices through anything!


Tired of your trimmer being too weak to cut tough weeds? Replace your trimmer head with the Steel Trimmer Head that slices through grass, branches, weeds and more!


HIGH QUALITY – Blades are constructed from high-grade steel alloy for ultra hardness, sharpness and extra durability. Sharp blades meet your mowing needs, suitable for lawns, gardens, clearing bushes, and eliminating weeds.

SPECIAL DESIGN – Designed with 360° blades for full coverage cutting with no dead spots. Cut more effectively with less time while saving gas or electricity.

UNIVERSAL – Universal head fits almost all trimmer models . Easy to install, simply screw the head onto the trimmer unit for quick setup.

FLEXIBLE – For resistors such as stones, the blade can be stretched, cut more evenly and removed more thoroughly.

EASY OPERATION – Provide convenient replacement parts for your trimmer that are easy to install and use. Make trimming the lawn and removing weeds easier, quicker… and fun too!


Material: Manganese steel
Mounting hold diameter: 25.4 mm (1″ in)
Diameter: 11 cm (4″ in)
Height: 6 cm (2.36″ in)



1x Steel Trimmer Head

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