Electric Spiral Peeler


The Electric Peel Eater


The Spiral Peel Eater is an Electric Peeler that instantly skins potatoes, fruits, and vegetables in a simple one-touch pa ring action. It is made of ABS plastic which makes it durable to withstand everyday use. It makes work easier with no mess and less waste than using a traditional hand peeler. It's easy to use; press the button and let the peeler do the work for you. Score your peeled potatoes for instant hash browns and use the score marks left by the blade as a guide for perfectly even slices. Two additional blades are provided in a compartment at the bottom of this electric potato peeler for complete skinning + 4 additional replacement blades. It is more hygienic and comfortable when compared to manual peeling. It comes with a non-slip base that stays stable during the peeling process. This Starfrit Potato Express Electric Peeler is perfect for even the most delicate of fruits and vegetables.


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