FlexAlign Pillow


FlexAlign Neck Pillow

Immerse yourself in the Neck Pillow

"Say goodbye to neck pain, Say hello to freedom"


1. Magnetically fabricated six-point neck pillow, soothing cervical spine traction
Innovative magnetic fabric for a more comfortable cervical spine
2. Support design on both sides to fix the head without slipping
If you hold the neck with both hands to fix the head, the repair effect is doubled

3. The organic combination of permanent magnetic particles implanted into the fiber
The magnetic cloth and the human body contact the human body-a closed magnetic field. Activate blood cells and improve the body’s own immunity.
4. Improve the curvature of the cervical spine. The cervical spine is so relaxed
Curved support, gives full support to the cervical spine
5. Press to relax the bones
Point pressure massage to relieve muscle tension and relieve neck pain

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