Do It All Flex Fan


Do It All Flex Fan

You’ve never experienced a Battery Operated Fan like this:


The Venty 4-Speed oscillating rechargeable fan is foldable, durable, extendable & sleek. It Oscillates 120°, rotates 180°, and only weighs 2.6lbs! Perfect for travels, at work, at home, or as a camping fan still, using clunky old fans that need plugging into the wall?
The wireless Venty small oscillating fan keeps you cool anywhere! No power?
No problem! Venty is the World’s sleekest foldable wireless fan that keeps you cool with battery power.  No messy cables!  Enjoy cool air blowing on a hot beach.
Chill out on a crowded train. Stay cool while sleeping.




The Venty foldable fan is lightweight yet robust. Throw it in your bag, and take it on a flight. The 3.5” x 8” dimensions mean you can always keep your new travel buddy with you.

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