Magic Strap Fingerless Gloves


The LIT Gloves

This is a practical and creative gift with on and off buttons and has 2 built-in bright LED beads.


Powered by 2 button batteries, These cool gloves provide you the 3rd hand when working in the dark. It’s handy when no one is there to hold the light for you practical in your daily life, properly suitable for outdoor night fishing, hunting, running, cars, camping, climbing, hiking, and travel.

They’re also great car gloves for mechanics and camping gloves for men!

⭐ Built-in LED lights
⭐Fingerless design
⭐Lightweight, comfy, and convenient to wear
⭐Wireless and battery-powered
⭐Perfect for outdoor activities, emergencies, and repair jobs!
⭐Free both of your hands and wear the gloves of the future!


  • Type: Half Finger
  • Suitable for: Outdoor activity, camping, fishing, tent, picnic, sports, climbing
  • Quantity: 2pcs / 1 pair
  • Material: Cotton
  • Material: Waterproof, durable, wearable
  • Battery: 2 * CR2016 button batteries

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