The Clutch Wallet


The Clutch Wallet



Minimalist ─ Ultimate thin, so it’s suitable for any occasion. Non-compartmental modern design, which is easy for storing and keeping things organized.

Security ─ Flexible RFID-blocking and sealed design have perfectly protected your cards, bills, and other small personal items.

Ingenious ─ With a thumb swipe (just like unlocking your phone) users can reveal their cards privately, all at once in under a second.

Simple single-hand slide open access

Flexible RFID blocking design keeps both security and convenience at the same time.

RFID-secured, waterproof, scratchproof, recyclable

Carrying Capacity: 4-6 Cards

Extra Storage, can hold cash, coins, or any small objects, etc

Slim, sharp, and light. It fits in pockets of any kind




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