The WebCam Covers

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The WebCam Covers

As the cyber crimes continue to grow being aware as well as protected is super important in today's society.  This webcam covers are perfect to aid in the protection of your privacy through your electronics.  As hackers become more active with hacking the webcam, the "WebCam Cover" is your new best friend. 

The webcam cover is easy to install. It is a simple peel and stick. Once attached it’ll securely stay in place. It easily slides open and closed so that it’s a breeze to access your webcam whenever you’re prepping for a video conference or virtual hangout. It couldn’t be easier to block hacker from penetrating your privacy.  



  • Easy to apply design provides visual security
  • Slim size allows for most laptops to close without a gap
  • Sliding closure easily opens and closes to keep camera and device scratches at bay
  • Adhesive provides a secure fit on your laptop

 Product Description:

  • Compatible Brand: Apple iPhones
  • Compatible Brand: Blackberry
  • Compatible Brand: LG
  • Compatible Brand: Nokia
  • Compatible Brand: Samsung

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